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Polistina, Guardian, and Swift call on Assemblymen Mazzeo and Armato to override Governor Murphy’s veto of Government Efficiency and Regulatory Review Commission

NORTHFIELD – Following Governor Murphy’s irresponsible veto of the Government Efficiency and Regulatory Review Commission, small businessman Vince Polistina,former Atlantic City Mayor Don Guardian and former Deputy Attorney General Claire Swift call on Assemblymen Vince Mazzeo (D-2) and John Armato (D-2) to sponsor legislation overriding the Governor’s hasty executive action. The Commission, which was earlier known as the Red Tape Review Commission, earned high marks from the New Jersey legislature and legislation placing it into state law recently passed both chambers on a near unanimous vote. 

“As a small business owner, I know firsthand how New Jersey forces us to navigate a maze of government regulations just to make a living,” Polistina said. “Mom and pop shops can’t afford to keep up with every new law and mandate out of Trenton. Overriding a Governor’s veto may be rare, but our representatives need to finally take a stand and reject this bizarre anti-business, anti-taxpayer action.”

According to reports from the Commission’s earlier rendition, New Jersey taxpayers stood to save millions of dollars from the Commission’s recommendations to clean up unneeded government bureaucracy. The Commission would have represented all perspectives to determine whether a rule’s costs and other burdens on businesses, workers, and local governments outweigh their intended benefits’. 

“This commonsense reform is so desperately needed by the hardworking people of Atlantic County,” Guardian said. “As mayor, I prioritized making Atlantic City an affordable place to live and raise a family. Taxpayers are struggling in this state and we need representatives willing to show their independence from Trenton and put Atlantic County first.”

“Far too many families and young innovators that want to start a business have been driven out of our state by high taxes and confusing regulations,” Swift said. “As an attorney specializing in real estate and family law, I have helped countless home and small business owners figure out how to comply with New Jersey’s convoluted rules. That Trenton would think the ongoing government waste, redundancy, and abuse does not need more oversight is beyond me.”  

Bipartisan legislation to establish the Government Efficiency and Regulatory Review Commission passed the Assembly with 10 Democratic co-sponsors, earning the vote of every Democratic legislator. According to a recent survey, 63% of business owners said New Jersey is worse than other states when it comes to the cost of regulatory compliance.