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Polistina Backs Levinson; Hammers Mazzeo & Armato on PILOT Scam

GOP Senate frontrunner calls incumbent Dems plan “a massive giveaway at the expensive of Atlantic County taxpayers”

Egg Harbor Township, May 18, 2021 – GOP Senate challenger Vince Polistina backed up County Executive Dennis Levinson today and ripped incumbent Democratic Assemblymen Vince Mazzeo and John Armato for their backroom deal to amend the Casino PILOT – calling it a massive giveaway at the expense of hardworking Atlantic County taxpayers.

Polistina said Levinson – who took on leaders in both parties to fight for and win Atlantic County’s fair share of tax revenue when the original PILOT deal was struck – can’t afford to have weak-kneed rubber stamps like Mazzeo and Armato in Trenton undermining his efforts back home.

“Trying to change the rules in the middle of the game at the expense of Atlantic County taxpayers is wrong,” said Polistina.  “But the fact that this is being put forward by Assemblymen Mazzeo and Armato should be downright offensive to every Atlantic County taxpayer and local elected official, regardless of party.  Just like they were willing to sell us out over North Jersey casinos, Mazzeo and Armato are again siding with powerful special interests over the people they are supposed to represent.” 

According to Levinson, the Mazzeo-Armato PILOT deal will benefit the casinos at the expense of the non-casino taxpayers by removing a huge and steadily increasing portion of the revenues and capping the base amount at $135 million a year, down from $150 million in the original bill, regardless of how high the gross gaming revenues may climb.

“This raw deal is bound to cost our taxpayers millions of dollars that should be invested in our improving our communities, keeping our neighborhoods safe, and providing property tax relief,” added Polistina.  “As Senator, I would never let our county get taken advantage of this way.  Mazzeo and Armato should cease and desist from this irresponsible and reckless scam immediately.”